Locanda di Palazzo Cicala Locanda di Palazzo Cicala
Piazza Banchi still has many of the features it used to have when it was the focal location for wheat trade, sailor-men hiring and maritime contracts. Then there was the urban revolution in the sixteenth century, and the Merchant Lodge and the Ware Exchange, first one in Italy, were established for the cereal trading. Most importantly two buildings were built attached to Palazzo Serra, where there were opened many artisan shops on the ground floor.
Within Palazzo Serra we own three apartments, which are entirely different in size and features but all three of them are equally beautiful. These apartments near the Aquarium of Genoa, Italy, are characterized by a contemporary style and are in contrast with the historical palazzo. There is one apartment with double bedroom and living area on the fourth floor with an amazing view over Genoa roof-tops and with numerous windows which offer brightness. Another apartment is composed of three bedrooms, two of them on the mezzanine, and it hosts paintings by a local contemporary artist. The last one is an amazing penthouse on the sixth floor, whose large and spacious rooms offer a feeling of infinity; the furniture is contemporary style, and the large terrace which is on the roof offers an astounding view over the whole city.
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